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Reno-Tahoe Airport Fire Department
2001 East Plumb Lane
PO Box 12490
Reno, NV 89510

Wahsoe County


Hiring Information:

Position: Firefighter
Last Filing Date:  December 14, 2021

Special Instructions:  

open until filled


The Position
The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority (RTAA) is seeking qualified candidates who are interested in joining an all-hazard Fire Department and have a demonstrated commitment to cultivating a positive, collaborative work environment that values teamwork, honesty, respect, recognition, integrity, innovation, versatility, and excellence, to join the dynamic Reno-Tahoe Airport Fire Department as a Firefighter.

There is one position open. In addition, this recruitment is being used to establish a list of eligible candidates that may be used to fill future vacancies as they occur. Applicants must be available for shift work (e.g., 48/96 schedule), on-call, overtime, and stand-by duties. As a condition of employment, incumbents must live within a 60-mile radius of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport in order to be able to respond to an emergency callout.

At the RTAA, the Airport Fire Department is a key member of the Operations & Public Safety Department and is responsible for maintaining a constant state of readiness. Airport Firefighters are primarily responsible for aircraft emergency response, structural and wildland fire suppression, motor vehicles accidents, emergency medical response, hazardous materials, and other related emergencies to help provide the public with a safe experience while traveling through the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. In addition, firefighters are responsible for maintaining fire vehicles and firefighting equipment and performing job duties in a safe and prudent manner to best protect life and property.
Key Accountabilities:

Respond to all aircraft emergencies, fire, EMS, and hazardous materials related emergencies; operate assigned vehicles; connect hoses to hydrants; operate firefighting equipment, pumps, and related equipment.
Provide emergency medical services.
Participate in all drills and receives training in fire inspection, use of firefighting equipment, firefighting methods, and techniques, and first aid/CPR.
Assist Driver/Operators in the cleaning and maintenance of firefighting vehicles, equipment, and facilities.
Inspect buildings to determine compliance with RTAA fire prevention rules, regulations, and procedures.
Inspect aircraft refueling vehicles and storage areas in accordance with the Uniform Fire Code and FAA directives.
Maintain records and prepare reports as necessary.
Assist in clearing disabled aircraft from active runway; disarm military aircraft ejection seats.
Perform salvage operations and place waterproof covers on materials subject to water damage.
Act as Driver/Operator as required; may be required to drive and operate fire equipment on a relief basis.
The physical demands of the work may include:
Sufficient clarity of vision to clearly distinguish objects both near and at a distance of 20 feet, peripheral vision, depth perception, night vision, and color vision, to identify vehicles, license plates, markings, access badges, and people.
The ability to reach with hands and arms, and sufficient dexterity to enable regular use of hands and fingers to operate firefighting rescue and emergency medical tools and equipment.
The ability to stand, run, walk, kneel, crouch down, stoop, crawl, twist, climb.
The ability to use safe lifting techniques to regularly lift/carry/push/pull 25-pound objects. In emergencies, may be moving or lifting passengers or equipment exceeding 100 pounds, with or without assistance.
The working conditions may include:
Performing work under various environmental conditions (within both climate controlled and non-climate controlled environments) involving exposure to cold, heat, and inclement weather.
Performing work around moderate to high noise levels, vibrations, fire, chemicals, smoke, ash, debris, and other hazardous materials.

Entry Salary: $54,719 - $79,115 annually. Initial salary placement will be based upon the selected applicant?s previous paid, full time, all risk firefighting experience. In addition, employees are eligible to receive incentive pay for maintaining certain certifications. This is an overtime eligible position.

Benefits: The RTAA offers a competitive wage and benefit package and provides a high-quality work-life balance. Employee benefits include 100% employer paid contributions to a distinct, defined benefit retirement program (Nevada PERS), employer supported health insurance, paid vacation and sick leave, and paid holidays.
Minimum Qualifications:
Required Education: Graduation from high school or equivalent certification.
Required Certifications: Applicants must possess the following valid certifications at the time of application

Nevada State and/or National Registry AEMT certification
Successful CPAT within the last 12 months
Preferred Certification: -
Firefighter I/II
Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat) Operations Level
Nevada State and/or National Registry Paramedic
IFSAC/Pro-Board Basic ARFF certification
Copies of these certifications must be electronically attached to the application. Applications lacking this required documentation will be disqualified from further consideration.
Required Licenses: A Valid Class B Driver?s License with F endorsement at time of application.
Conditions of Continuing Employment: If the required certifications/licenses are from another state, incumbents will be required to obtain State of Nevada certificates/licenses within thirty (30) days of hire. Incumbents are required to maintain current State of Nevada certifications/licenses. Incumbents will be required to successfully complete Airport Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) training and will be required to maintain a current ARFF certification.
Selection Procedure
How To Apply:
In order to be considered, applicants must fully complete the official online RTAA Employment Application. Qualified individuals are encouraged to apply immediately. Recruitment will close without notice when a sufficient number of applications are received, or a hiring decision has been made. Application for RTAA job are only accepted through an online process. For more information about this opportunity and to apply, visit: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/renoairport/.
The RTAA Employment Application is the primary screening tool to determine an applicant`s qualifications. A resume may be submitted in addition to, but not in lieu of, completing the RTAA Employment Application. While you may submit a resume, it is supplemental and will not be used to determine whether or not you have met the minimum qualifications. All work experience, education, training and other information substantiating how you meet the minimum qualifications must be included on your RTAA Employment Application.
We strongly encourage applicants to review our online application instructions, available at the top of the RTAA Career webpage, before submitting the application to help ensure it has been completed in a manner consistent with our requirements as failure to complete the application as required will result in your application being disqualified from further consideration. Below is a summary of our requirements:

Completed all sections on the RTAA Employment Application.
Provided detailed information to address how you meet and/or exceed minimum qualifications for the position.
Provided a minimum of five (5) years of employment history.
Explained any gaps in employment of six (6) months or more within the "Work History" section. To explain gaps, add a new employer, write what was occurring under the "Name of Employer" (e.g., unemployed, student, etc.), and list dates. Please note, a statement in the "Reason for Leaving Section" is not sufficient to address gaps in employment.
If you had more than one (1) position with the same employer, separately list each position and the time you were in that position.
Questions about the application, recruitment, and/or selection process, the physical demands of the position, or requests for a reasonable accommodation, should be addressed to the RTAA Human Resources Office at (775) 328-6450 or hr@renoairport.com.
Selection Procedure:
Review of Application: After submission, the application will be reviewed to determine if it is complete and if minimum qualifications are met. For those candidates found to meet minimum qualifications, the next step of the process will be an application evaluation.
Application Evaluation: It is essential that applications include detailed information regarding their education and experience to enable evaluation of the application, as only the information contained in the application may be considered. Not all applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be invited to participate in the testing and selection process. Only the most highly qualified applicants will be considered for advancement to the testing and selection process. The RTAA will communicate with qualified applicants via email, so it is critical that applicants ensure their email address is accurate on the application and the email is one that the applicant checks regularly.
Testing and Selection Process: The testing and selection process may include written examinations to demonstrate job-related knowledge and/or human relations skills; practical exercises or assessment centers to demonstrate the ability to perform job-related tasks and manipulative skill and knowledge of firefighting tactics; employment interviews (oral or written); physical agility tests to demonstrate ability to perform the essential physical functions of the job; or any combination thereof. Applicants must successfully pass all parts of the testing and selection process to be considered for hire.
Pre-Employment Requirements: The RTAA requires each candidate to successfully complete an employment history verification, reference check, and background check prior to being considered for employment. All employment offers are subject to the successful completion/passing of post-offer physical and psychological examinations, a drug-screening test, a fingerprint criminal history records check, and an Airport Security Badging test.
Our Values
THRIVE is the acronym for the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority?s values that were developed by our employees and adopted, supported and modeled by our Executive Leadership Team and our CEO. The value each letter represents is described below:

Teamwork for Results. Teamwork is the foundation of any successful organization. In the working world, teamwork means we need to be able to trust one another in order to perform at the highest level and achieve the greatest results ? regardless of what we are working on. This means that everyone on the team is empowered to do their best work, knowing that support is there when needed and also that they have the autonomy to use their best judgment in any given situation.

Teamwork for Results means:

When partnerships are formed to complete a task or project, all parties are committed to the success of the whole.
We are successful by communicating and trusting each other.
At all times, we know what?s important and what we are working toward.
Knowing the goal, we keep our eyes on the prize and measure our progress continually.
Individual actions are considered in light of how they support the whole.
Working hard and having fun can be achieved simultaneously.
Honesty & Integrity are the first cousins of Trust. When we operate from a position of honesty and integrity, all of our interactions are more effective because we are working on an even playing field. We trust that our words and actions are spoken and performed with good intentions for the individual as well as the organization. When we do the right things for the right reasons, everyone benefits.

Honesty and Integrity thrive in an environment where:
We keep our promises and our actions are guided by honesty and fairness.
It is up to each and every person to do the right thing, even when no one is watching.
All employees are enabled to communicate their opinions and ideas honestly and directly.
We all take ownership of the things for which we are responsible.
Respect & Recognition are both given and received. In a respectful environment, communication is open and courteous regardless of the subject matter or circumstance because every person who works here is of critical importance to the mission. We also recognize and celebrate the good things we do, both individually and as a team.

In this environment:
It?s a two-way street: recognition and appreciation are given freely at all levels.
We pay attention to the good that we do, and speak up to offer praise.
Everyone?s viewpoint matters; we ask for and listen to feedback in order to continually improve.
We value the contribution of each individual.
We seek to understand other viewpoints before arriving at decisions.
We all have the capacity to Inspire & Innovate. With our respective talents and passions, every time we interact with another person each individual can start the ripple effect that moves through the organization, igniting each of us with the remembrance that we do important work, and we impact the lives of our co-workers and our community on a daily basis. With this in mind, we recognize that we are all actively participating in the success of the organization, and we freely share breakthroughs and great ideas.

In order to inspire & innovate, we keep in mind that:
Innovation happens at all levels: we all have the capacity to come up with the next great thing.
There?s almost always room for improvement. ?The way we have always done it? may not be the best or most efficient way to move forward.
Making a commitment to behave with pride and loyalty regardless of the task at hand is always the best option.
Our individual actions, however small, impact the morale of our team, our division, our department, and our organization.
Everyone has great ideas, and it?s up to each of us to make sure we tell someone when we come up with something that will benefit the organization.
Failure is the occasional outcome of good intentions. We will use failures to learn.
Versatility in an organization our size, agility is key. While clear direction is important, so too is the ability to be flexible in the way we approach tasks, challenges, and opportunities. There is rarely only one way to do something, and we may need to explore various options in order to achieve the greatest success.

Our versatility means that we:
Utilize both internal and external resources.
Adapt to changing conditions in order to remain successful.
Recognize that the place we hold in our region is an important one, and therefore we are able to balance the needs of the organization with the needs of the greater community.
Find the ?win-win? ensures that we can shift our focus as needed.
Enthusiasm for Excellence. A positive attitude can really take you places. By choosing to bring an enthusiasm for excellence to every task we undertake, we recognize the value of our work and our relationships as well as the importance of being the best at what we do.

Enthusiasm for Excellence generates:
A deep appreciation for the team that we have created at the RTAA.
A collaborative environment, where each person?s contribution truly matters.
A spirit of continuous improvement where we all recognize that our best efforts lie in the next opportunity.
An appreciation for diversity of thought to help us all to generate new ideas and better ways of doing things.
A commitment to setting the bar high and to creating standards that others in our industry want to duplicate.

Starting Salary:  $54,493.00 - $79,115.00 Annually
Top Salary:   N/A
Contact:   Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority
PO Box 12490
2001 E. Plumb Ln
Reno, NV 89510

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Annual Budget: N/A
Population Served: N/A
Number of Firefighters: N/A

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