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Redondo Beach Fire Department
401 South Broadway Stree
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Los Angeles County

310-376-3407 - fax

Hiring Information:

Position: Firefighter/Paramedic
Last Filing Date:  July 30, 2021

Special Instructions:  

open until filled


The Redondo Beach Fire Department invites qualified candidates to apply for the position of Firefighter/Paramedic.

The City of Redondo Beach Fire Department proudly serves from three Fire Stations strategically located throughout the city. In addition to firefighting, the Department cross-trains to provide special services such as emergency medical care, hazardous materials management, and special rescue operations. The Department maintains a daily staffing of two dedicated paramedic units, three fire engines, a 100` ladder truck, a fire boat, and a Fire Division Chief. Under the direction of the Fire Chief and supervisors, the Firefighter/Paramedic position is accountable for performing specified duties, responsibilities, tasks, and assignments of Fire Department operations.

Application and Testing Process Information:
To apply:
Applications must be submitted online via www.Redondo.org/jobs. You must include the required attachments for your application to be considered. This post is continuous and will remain open until all vacancies are filled. The post may close with or without notice. Prompt application and completion of the test process is strongly suggested.

A copy of each of the following items must be attached to the application at the time of submission. Applications without the required attachments will not be considered.

All Applicants:

Proof of California State Certified Firefighter I Academy Completion
Note: Certification as a Firefighter I by the California State Fire Marshal is highly desired, please attach if available.
Copy of Current California Paramedic License OR Registration as a Paramedic with the National Registry
Current Los Angeles County Paramedic accreditation is highly desired, please attach if available.
Proof of Completion of the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) or the Biddle Physical Agility Test within the last 12 months

All interested applicants must complete the the written test process through National Testing Network (NTN). To be considered in the application review, you should have completed the employment application and have taken the exam though NTN by the time application review begins. Prompt application and completion of the test process is strongly suggested.

The next application review is scheduled to begin the week of November 23, 2020.

Testing Process:
All applicants must complete the computer-based Firefighter test through National Testing Network.

The City of Redondo Beach/Redondo Beach Fire Department offers full testing services for the position of Firefighter/Paramedic through National Testing Network, Inc. To fill out an application and schedule a test, go to www.nationaltestingnetwork.com, select Fire and sign up for the City of Redondo Beach/Redondo Beach Fire Department.

What to expect at the www.nationaltestingnetwork.com website:

Completion of the application process
Review all information related to the City of Redondo Beach/Redondo Beach Fire Department Firefighter/Paramedic position, including minimum requirements, salary and benefits.
Detailed information about the testing process for the entry level test.
Opportunity to take online practice tests at www.fireteamtest.com.
Schedule your own convenient test time. Tests are offered multiple times a week, including Saturdays.
Take high quality job simulation tests in a standardized, fair testing environment.

Upon completion of the entry level exam, all candidate scores are automatically forwarded to the City of Redondo Beach/Redondo Beach Fire Department. Candidates who attain a passing score on the entry level exam will be contacted to continue in the selection process. The City of Redondo Beach/Redondo Beach Fire Department will contact candidates and will invite them to continue to participate in other stages of the department selection process.

National Testing Network is a service provided to conduct entry level testing in a standardized, professional environment. National Testing Network does not replace the City of Redondo Beach/Redondo Beach Fire Department`s responsibility and decision making in the testing process. All candidate results are provided to City of Redondo Beach/Redondo Beach Fire Department, where the final decisions are made.

Prompt application is strongly suggested as application review may occur at any time. This post is continuous and may close at any time with or without notice.

The position is accountable to respond as a team member on an assigned fire company following a supervisor`s direction to conduct emergency medical, rescue and non?emergency operations including, but not limited to:

Organizes, manages and appropriately handles all aspects of emergency situations; works effectively in hazardous environments; performs standard firefighting procedures to include hose lays, ladder deployments, rescues, ventilation, salvage, overhaul, and cleanup functions; participates in all phases of Fire Department activities including fire suppression activities, usage and operation of special equipment, safety, hazardous materials abatement, medical aid response and fire prevention; conducts fire prevention inspections; and participates in wildland fire response activities.
Performs at medical and fire environmental emergencies competently administering advanced emergency medical care to the sick and injured; communicates medical information to the hospital; documents emergency care rendered; discharges job duties in full compliance with State, County and City regulations and guidelines; attends department and hospital training sessions and maintains an individual paramedic license (and if not in possession of Los Angeles County paramedic accreditation at the time of hire, obtains such accreditation within 90 days of appointment); maintains responsibility of the patient until appropriately released to a higher level of medical authority; accurately assesses emergency medical problems and competently performs appropriate intervention; records information related to responses; maintains as confidential all patient information; and gives and follows oral and written instructions
Supervises, instructs and evaluates the performance of probationary paramedic employees and/or trainees; provides on-the-job training; reports accurately and promptly any violations of Department of City policies or practice; reports accurately and promptly any observed concerns related to patient care by other employees; promptly self-reports any patient care issues or concerns; and, provides emergency medical procedures training to other employees
Participates and assists in planning of drills and other training activities to learn and improve emergency response tasks
Participates in evaluating new equipment and procedures; tracks work assignments; writes accurate and detailed reports; makes presentations and enters report data into Department records systems
Safely operates department emergency vehicles and performs inventory and maintenance
Delivers outstanding internal and external customer service; solves problems and communicates effectively with the public and fellow employees
Participates in routine non-emergency activities such as station, apparatus, and equipment maintenance; fire prevention inspections; code enforcement; hydrant maintenance and district familiarization
Performs routine in-station activities such as station housekeeping, equipment cleaning and maintenance
Participates in physical fitness programs and maintains an acceptable level of physical fitness and ability to perform the essential functions of the position
Uses City equipment, time, money and resources judiciously, safely and as authorized
Performs public education activities and carries out positive public relations
Exercises good judgment, self-restraint, cooperation and tact in dealing with a variety of issues and situations living and working in a fire station or in the field with peers, coworkers and supervisors
Responds, at all times, to ordered duty recalls for staffing shortages, major alarms and emergencies
Conducts duties, responsibilities, tasks and assignments with a constructive, cooperative, positive, professional attitude and demeanor
Supports of the City`s mission, goals, policies and objectives
Supports City`s corporate values of: Openness and honesty; integrity and ethics; accountability; outstanding customer service; teamwork; excellence; and fiscal responsibility
Avoid on or off duty conducts that would reflect negatively on the Department or the City
Performs other related duties as required
The position requires knowledge of: Modern firefighting methods and procedures; emergency medical methods and procedures; CPR techniques; performance of medical care in a non-negligent manner and in compliance with the applicable standard of care; safety practices and regulations; fire science; principles of fire prevention and arson investigation; various firefighting rescue and emergency medical tools and equipment; applicable State, County and City paramedic regulations, practices and procedures; principles of advanced emergency medicine, such as drug therapy and advanced airway management; safe emergency work practices; infectious control procedures; emergency radio communications procedures; medical terminology; interpretation of electrocardiograms; firefighting practices, terminology and procedures; the incident command system; emergency vehicle maintenance and operation; instructional techniques and conflict resolution techniques; and computer literacy in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

The position requires the ability to: Use various firefighting rescue and emergency medical tools and equipment; within the scope of duties understand and act in compliance with instructions of a physician or nurse and otherwise take appropriate action in rendering emergency medical care and other emergencies; effectively and safely fight fires using a variety of firefighting apparatus and equipment; work in dangerous conditions around fire, chemicals and smoke; safely follow directions; live and work cooperatively with co-workers; exercise tact, self-restraint and good judgment; communicate using email programs; and, understand and adhere to City policies for information technology and social media.

In addition to the above-stated expectations, the position requires sound decision-making skills; critical thinking ability; problem solving and innovation skills; drive for results; analytic skills; interpersonal, customer service and diplomatic skills; appropriate judgement; ethical conduct; and constant improvement of skills and competencies.

The position requires:

Possession of a high school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent
A minimum age of 18 years at time of appointment
Demonstrated ability to swim
Possession and maintenance of a valid Class "C" or Class "3" California Driver License issued by the State Department of Motor Vehicles
Possession and maintenance of a valid Class "B" (firefighter restrictive) or Class C Firefighter Endorsement California Driver License, if not in possession at time of appointment, must be obtained within 12 months of appointment.
Graduation from a California State certified Firefighter I Academy
Certification as a Firefighter I from the California State Fire Marshal is desirable
Current California paramedic license or registration as a paramedic with the National Registry
Attainment of Los Angeles County paramedic accreditation is required within 90 days of appointment

The position requires meeting and retaining an acceptable level of physical fitness and ability to perform the essential functions of the position for the classification.

The following are highly desirable:
Full-time firefighter experience
EMT-1 and/or EMT-P experience
Hazardous materials first responder operational (FRO) certification
Associate`s degree or Bachelor`s degree from a regional accredited college or university
Qualified candidates will complete the computer-based Firefighter Test through the National Testing Network. Candidates must successfully complete the National Testing Network Exam before the required deadline to be considered for the remainder of the recruitment process.

Candidates are required to pass all phases of the recruitment process prior to being placed on the Eligible List. Only the most qualified candidates will be invited to participate in the selection process.

The selection process may include but is not limited to: application review and evaluation, written examination, performance test and interview. All employment offers made by the City are contingent upon establishing proof of a prospective candidate`s legal authorization to work in the United States and successfully passing all components of the pre-employment process, such as: reference check, background investigation, fingerprint criminal history check, post-offer drug test, post-offer psychological and post-offer medical examination, the cost of which will be borne by the City.

Candidates must fill out the employment application and supplemental questions completely and accurately. Incomplete applications, including references to "see resume", are considered incomplete and will be disqualified.

The City of Redondo Beach is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The City will provide reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer. Candidates with a disability who may need accommodation during the selection process must notify the Human Resources Department at least five (5) business days in advance of the test date.

Qualified Military Veterans are given an additional five (5) points to a passing score for both open-competitive recruitments. Proof of the completion of service must be provided prior to the conclusion of the testing process; it is suggested that you attach a DD-214 or similar to your application.

Note: The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an expressed or implied contract. Any provision contained in this bulletin may be modified or revoked without notice.

Starting Salary:  $7,100.00 - $7,450.00 Monthly
Top Salary:   N/A
Contact:   City of Redondo Beach
415 Diamond Street, Door 3

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Additional Department Details:

Annual Budget: N/A
Population Served: 60,000
Number of Firefighters: N/A

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